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    Help Adjusting to or Coping with a Chronic Medical Condition

    It is estimated that more than 100 million Americans suffer with some sort of chronic medical condition.

    These conditions have debilitating and exhausting psychological co-conditions such as fatigue, anger and frustration, among others. The effects can be far reaching beyond the one suffering, as well – personal and professional relationships, work productivity and parenting can all negatively be impacted.

    And though coping with a chronic condition often is difficult, it is not impossible.

    Using evidence-based treatment methods, I will help you develop a individualized plan that might include:

    • Identifying what you value
    • Recognizing, challenging, and reframing negative thoughts
    • Using assertive communication with doctors and family members
    • Increasing social support
    • Incorporating mindfulness and relaxation strategies
    • Scheduling activities that you care about

    Knowing you are not alone is an important part of the healing process.

    I will help you through every stage of this journey to help you to be proactive and action-oriented in getting your health needs met.